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Handling Expungements and Keeping Your Record Clean


The majority of people do not understand that if they were arrested but never formally charged or even if their case was dismissed or they were not found guilty, the records of the arrest and of the court case still exist. These are part of a person’s non-judicial and judicial criminal records. These records are public and will not simply disappear or go away with time. If this situation applies to you, you need to contact a expungement lawyer.


At the Law Office of Kristi Peariso, P.C., I understand how important it is to keep a criminal conviction off your record. Your future can be greatly affected and I will work diligently to advocate for you both in and outside the courtroom. If you've previously been convicted of a crime, I may be able to get the conviction expunged.


Keeping Your Criminal Record Clean

You deserve to get a fresh start, having a criminal record can hurt your chances to obtain gainful employment, education benefits or a better life for you and your family. An expungement will clear your criminal record, effectively giving you a second chance. If you are interested in clearing your criminal record, contact Ventura expungement lawyer Kristi Peariso today to discuss your options, I will pursue expungement and all other alternative sentencing options.


Although there are many seemingly complicated rules that determine whether an individual will qualify to apply to have an arrest record sealed or expunged, the Law Office of Kristi Peariso, P.C., will handle every aspect of your petition to seal or expunge a California criminal history record.


Contact me by calling 805-620-0322 to discuss the details of your case in a free initial consultation. I am dedicated to communicating clearly with my clients and providing a high level of personal service throughout your case.