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Ventura Juvenile Defense Lawyer


In California, criminal offenses that are committed by minors under the age of 18 are handled in the juvenile court system. Juvenile court operates differently than adult court, and therefore requires a defense attorney experienced specifically in representing juvenile cases. Under juvenile law, juveniles are not entitled to a jury trial. A judge is the one who hears the evidence and decides whether the juvenile is guilty or not guilty. There are rare instances when this does not apply.


An allegation of a juvenile crime can have a devastating effect on your child's reputation, education and future employment.  Each Juvenile case needs to be examined by an experienced juvenile lawyer to determine if it can be dismissed and be removed from your child’s record.  If this is a first offense, the courts in Ventura County have programs designed for certain first time offenders which will ultimately result in dismissal of your child's juvenile charges.  Your child may also be eligible to seal or expunge their juvenile case. Contact the Law Office of Kristi Peariso, P.C., to discuss your child’s case in a free initial consultation.


The following are some examples of juvenile crimes in Ventura County:


Juveniles Charged as Adults

In some cases, a judge or prosecutor may push to have a juvenile tried as an adult for their crime. You need to avoid this so your child does not face the same penalties that an adult would – such as imprisonment in state prison or other serious penalties. At the Law Office of Kristi Peariso, P.C., I aggressively defend minors charged with a felony crime. This includes charges of robbery, assault and battery, drug offenses or any other crimes the district attorney believes to be serious. I have extensive experience handling high-stakes criminal cases and will explore all possible options in pursuit of the best possible results.


Contact me by calling 805-620-0322 to schedule a free initial consultation at my office located in Ventura California. I offer flexible scheduling and provide exceptional personal service.